Rapid Cloud Migration & Stack Improvement

Alignment Ops and Six Factor are collaborating to help you Launch your operations online quickly and affordably. Launch will move you to a stable and integrated virtual work environment and will improve your communication and collaboration practices. Leaving your business more nimble and adaptive than ever before. 

We know it is a challenging time, and despite it all your work continues. We want to support your important work and are offering multiple discount options as well as flexible payment terms to fit your needs and budget. 


  • IT, Operations and Security Health Assessment

  • IT, Operations and Security Re-Design

  • Org Specific Process and Workflow Development

  • Full-service data migration 

  • Virtual staff training 

  • Ongoing IT support

  • Professionally skilled staff to help you best leverage the tools post switch over

  • Integration expertise to ensure your systems work better together 

Must be a social venture to qualify.


AOps Launch IG-01-01.png