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Systems Thinking 101

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Create a roadmap to better organisation, easier reporting and more efficient work days!

  • Immediately improve your data management practices

  • Simplify your reporting processes and

  • Remove the key bottlenecks that are slowing you down.   

Over $1000 in value...but you can get it here for only $27!!

Hi! I'm Rachel.

I am an operations consultant and technology enthusiast and I want to help YOU to finally get ahead on your never ending to do list! 

I created this program to help business owners, operations managers, arts administrators, and other folks who love getting sh!t done, to get it done faster and easier!

There are a few key changes you can make to your operations design that will have a HUGE impact on your effectiveness, and Systems Thinking 101 will quickly and easily show what they are for your unique context! 


Rachel's Systems Thinking course has been such a great jumping-off point for my practice of systems change management. I keep coming back to the recording and discovering more ways that I can improve my organization's operations.


Rachel really helped me think about how I can minimize the amounts of times humans have to be the touch points between our digital systems and it has rapidly optimized our daily work flow. I can't wait to learn more with Rachel in the future!

Stephen O'Shea, Executive Director
Arts Council of New Westminster

What's Included:

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Lesson One

Learn what systems      are, what systems thinking is, and how making toast and a story about parachuting cats on the island of Borneo in 1950 can help you understand it!

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Lesson two

Learn how to create a data centred systems map for your organisation AND how to use it as a roadmap to a more effective and efficient way of working!

Fillable Workbook

Plus an AWESOME Fillable workbook that will keep you on track as you create your roadmap to better organisation, easier reporting and more efficient work days!

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